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confessions of a not-quite pr0n star

  • Jul. 3rd, 2007 at 7:13 PM
Amusing story for the day:
I always have my blinds up and window open. Always. It's never been a problem because no one is ever home in the building across from mine.
So today, I'm taking a shower and getting ready to go out(more about that in a minute) when my roommate, who is on CQ today(read: reception) comes up and says there are a couple of guys looking for me down in the office. She catches me right as I'm stepping out of the shower. I, of course, rush to pull some clothes on and get downstairs because she doesn't know who they are... completely forgetting about the blinds.
So I go down and talk to my friends, and when I get back into the room, a guy I know in the room exactly opposite mine and up a floor in the next building yells to get my attention, and asks for my number. I give him my extension and he calls... and says that a bunch of guys were watching as I got dressed. They liked my tattoo. Isn't that wonderful?

How's that for a red face?

Oh, and the place I'm going tonight? A strip club, with some guy friends. Irony just *loves* to kick me in the ass.

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