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  • Jul. 1st, 2007 at 11:21 AM
 so.... things are busy lately, to say the least. sorry I have not updated in awhile but lots has happened!
1. I'm on an army base. Hoorah!... Actually, I don't mind. Except for the Marines; I hate Marines.
2. My boyfriend is coming to visit in about three weeks, the weekend after I start classes, and he's strongly hinted more than once that he's visiting to propose. It's a little intimidating but I would lie if I said I weren't happy.
3. I really don't talk to people from home anymore. Dave called and picked a fight last weekend so uhhh... we don't talk. He called last night and left a number but I'm not sure if I want to call him yet.
4. I turn twenty two months from today. Hoorah!
5. I hang out at a bar like every night playing pool and chillin. It's a great way to be.
6. I should be home for recruiter's assistance sometime mid-December or January. If my classes don't end til January, I'm not sure if I'm coming home for Christmas. Or maybe I will, but I'll have to pay for the entire visit and then to come home for RA... which would suck ass becase I have no financial management skills and E1 peeps get crap pay.
7. I have lots of things to be able to do tonight so it's SHOWER TIME and I will go have hella fun. Also canoeing tomorrow, scorage! Also I'm getting a tan, as soon as my sunburn is faded. Maximum scorage!


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