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eluxoso's Journal

21 March 1986
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uh... if you really wanna know, read the journal.
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80s music, a perfect circle, abandoned places, action movies, alternative, angelina jolie, anne rice, art, audrey hepburn, autumn, best buy, black, blink 182, blue leopard print, books, borders, brandon boyd, bush, chatter, chickzrock.com, children's literature, chocolate, christian riese lassen, cloudy days, clubs, comments, computers, concerts, crickets, cute guys, daquiris, dave matthews band, drawing, eclipses, edgar allen poe, elves, emily dickinson, enigma, exploring, fake fur, food, formalwear, frank sinatra, frederick's of hollywood, friends, fun, garbage, graphic design, graphics, green day, grenadine, guys, having money, hot people, html, humor, incubus, italian food, james patterson, jay and silent bob, jokes, lace, leather, leaves falling, leonardo da vinci, libraries, lightning, lingerie, loreena mckennit, lucky 13, lyrics, malls, mc escher, message boards, money, monogamy, moonshine, movies, mp3s, ms paint, music, new cds, norplant, notes, onyx, ozzy osbourne, pacific sunwear, painting, pasta, paul oakenfold, photography, piercings, pizza, poe, poetry, porn, psychology, purple, rain, renoir, road trips, rock, running shoes, s.c.i.e.n.c.e, scrabble, sex, shel silverstein, shopping, siamese fighting fish, silver, sketching, soulbounding, spencers, spirits, spirituality, stain'd, stripping, summer nights, sunglasses, supras, sushi, talking, tattoos, teal, techno, the beatles, the metro, the moon, the playboy bunny, the sundays, thongs, thunder storms, tool, trance, turkey, turquoise, uno's, urban exploration, velvet, vern yip, virginia, webpage design, whfs, whiskey, winamp, writing