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  • Aug. 3rd, 2007 at 11:29 AM
I spent all this afternoon waiting on my washer and dryer to get here.  When they got here, the movers hooked up the washer and pushed it into place but they didn't plug anything in.  I plugged in the washer and started a big load of laundry only to realize that they only plugged in the hot and cold water, but not the drain.  Why, you might ask?  Well, because when Greg and Jason took the old washer, they TOOK the drain.  Okay.  Whatev.  I tried to plug in the dryer only to realize that it has three prongs, while our outlet has four.  Huh.  Ok, no huge deal.  This is simple, I don't even need to ASK for help at the store!

Go to the hardware store.  While I'm there, I get a bunch of pretty awful phone calls on the standby phone - someone is having a personal crisis.  Dealt with it best I could.  Turns out (after wracking my brain for half an hour before I asked for help), they don't have the plumbing piece I need, but they do have the electrical.  Cool.  Guy refers me to a new place where they have everything and they're pretty cool.  Sweet.  On my way.

Get home and spend the next three hours screwing around with this stuff.  Get the washer hooked up after screwing around with the tubing forever trying to cut it to the right size (tapered end).  Get the dryer hooked up (after several failed attempts with the vent).  Get everything good to go, finally.  Put the load of laundry on and go to check my email.  Ahh.  This is nice, listen to a little music, read some blogs... wait, what's that sound?  Why, it's water pouring everywhere!  Great.  Shut it off, it still won't stop.  Apparently I f'ed up the tubing when I hooked it up and I will have to buy another to fix it.  Okay, well in the meantime ...Where are my towels?  Soaking wet in the washer.  Where is the shop vac?  No idea.  Where is the spot bot?  No idea!  So there's water standing in the laundry room as well as in the vent (unless it flows to the outside and happened to water the grass somewhere).  The light is on in there and I'm not even going to turn it off.  I am not stepping in there to unplug anything, either.  With my luck, there would be some Final Destination scene play out right there.  I can take (several) hints.  My ass is leaving it alone until tomorrow... fresh start.  No dying today.

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